East Lake building, Shennongjia holiday villa is located in the Shennongjia forest region Muyu Town, here all year round mild climate, charming scenery, the mountain spring outing the orchid, go wild river rafting in summer, autumn seered hill, the winter ski resort. Be richly endowed by nature resources make Shennongjia as a tourist destination, many state-level scenic areas likeagricultural top, national Forest Park, natural history museum, Shennong altar,Xiangxi source, natural bridge known.

               East Lake building holiday villa in Shennongjia, officially opened in April 28, 2007,the villa from four buildings, with all types of luxury suites, luxury standard rooms,deluxe single rooms, restaurants, recreation facilities (table tennis room, chess room, basketball court), and has a luxurious conference rooms. The villa is one of the most Turist Hotel Muyu town service management level and equipmentlevel, the local landscape set in one, regardless of business meetings,sightseeing and leisure vacation can make the guests feel honor and comfort.

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